Dwarven Bard


3’9 portly dwarf with a magnificent flowing beard of raven black color that has various crafting themed emblems tied into the hair. Sports a Mohawk and has a vicious looking scar through his right eye. His clothes (Simple burgundy colored cloth) look like they are slightly too small for him. He carries around a simple looking mandolin that never leaves his side and often times carries an old stein in the other.


Jables was born to a lower caste mining family in a Dwarven lower kingdom. Not wanting a life of digging at rocks and battling Kobolds and Goblins looking for precious metals, Jables became a vagrant and turned to a life of debauchery and petty theft. upon sneaking in and robbing an antique store in the noble’s burrow he decided to experiment around and play a decrepit looking mandolin that seemed to come to life in his hands. The owner heard this and saw his store’s fortune in Jables’ hands and confronted him but was met with that same mandolin to the side of the head multiple times until his blood painted the floor and his skull’s gray-matter covered the unscathed mandolin . Jables, not wanting to face the authorities, got the hell out of dodge and ventured to the surface world where he now wanders from town to town, inn to tavern, playing music where he goes and robbing the unexpected. However, the more he stays with his mandolin the more he questions its origins and how it is able to stay in such shape and consistently preform without breaking or being worn by the elements.


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