Character Creation


  1. We will be using to store character sheets. Sign up for an account, click the “Sheets” tab and then click “New Sheet” to create a 13th Age character sheet.
  2. The first step and the most important of them — run your concept past the GM before you do all the work. The GM is very happy to work with the players to create the kind of PC you want to play that will also fit well in the campaign.
  3. Races: All the races used in the 13th Age book are allowed except the following: drow, dragonspawn, and dwarf-forged.
  4. Class: All classes are allowed.
  5. Generate Abilities: We will be using a 28 point buy to select your ability scores as detailed on page 30 of the 13th Age book.
  6. Your one unique thing: this should be run by the GM before you proceed
  7. Icons: We will NOT be using icons.
  8. Backgrounds: Backgrounds should be run past the GM.
  9. Languages: Everyone begins the game with the Common and your racial language (if there is one) learned. You also gain a number of bonus languages equal to your Intelligence modifier.
  10. In addition to the standard character sheet, please also have a description of your character ready for the first session so the other players can visualize your character.

All further questions should be directed to the GM.

The Story

Some things to keep in mind as you come up with character concepts:

The Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path has a very good blend of encounter types and there will be opportunities for any type of character to shine on multiple occasions. If the party winds up being ‘lopsided’ NPC assistance may be available to balance things out, so no one needs to play a character type that they are not interested in. That being said, I have a few suggestions…

  • There are many wilderness encounters, as much of Varisia is fairly untamed. Druids, rangers and/or clerics of Gozreh could be very valuable. Survival and nature skills are certain to be useful for just about anyone.
  • Expect plenty of ‘dungeons’. Varisia is littered with ancient ruins and your party will be experiencing some of them first-hand. A rogue and/or someone who can work well underground will come in very handy.
  • There are some important interaction events and several conflicts that might be solved with words rather than swords and interpersonal skills will get plenty of use. There is also a rich abundance of scholarly knowledge that the party might benefit from having access to. A bard could help in both of these arenas.
  • It is not necessary that your character be native to Varisia, but you have to have a reason to be there before we begin. Most commonly, non-natives are here for the rich income-enhancement opportunities associated with plundering ancient relics or to escape from somewhere else. There is no central legal authority in Varisia and lots of mostly uncharted territory to get lost in. There are also many ‘frontier-type’ folk who come here seeking new opportunities and a chance to forge their own destinies.
  • The larger world of Golarion has a country/area to suit almost any type of fantasy character you can imagine. So if you want to be desert nomad, a mad inventor, a fierce revolutionary or a gothic peasant, there’s a place you can be from…just let me know what you’re thinking.

Character Creation

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