Please note that all rules subject to change at the GMs whim.

Changes from the 13th Age book:

  • We will not be using icons. For character abilities that rely on icon rolls – the GM and the player will create a workaround together.
  • Languages: All characters begin knowing the Common and racial language (if they have one). They also know a number of further languages equal to their Intelligence modifier. The Linguist feat has been removed from the game.

Other House Rules

  • For a while at the beginning of the game (the first few sessions), I will allow players to make some adjustments to their characters until they’ve gotten the kind of character that they really want to play. Once the character reaches second level, they will not be allowed to make any further adjustments. Only in very rare instances in the life of a character I will allow a reasonable (as determined in a conversation between myself and the player) PC overhaul.

Gaming Rules

  • Please let the GM know if you are going to be late or miss a session as far in advance as possible. The other players and the GM have all taken time out of their lives to play and late or missing players can hold up the game.
  • It’s perfectly fine to disagree with the GM. It’s not okay to loudly and vociferously do it in game. Send the GM a private message and he will be happy to listen. Everyone makes mistakes, even the GM.
  • OOC chatter is perfectly okay, but not to the point where it slows down the game. Online gaming is slower than face-to-face gaming, be mindful of the game’s speed.
  • Be respectful of one another – we’re here to have fun!


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